Main API

With this API you can request content from appdb, including app information, statistics, links, etc. This API also allows you to link devices to appdb, require app installations and more. Read documentation

Content requests fulfilment API

Appdb has automatic requests system, when people may request content that is not listed on appdb. This API helps people to automate content metadata publishing on appdb. Learn more

Mass upload API

With this API you can bulk-upload your content by using requests to our upload engine. Appdb staff account required (to obtain it, contact our staff team on appdb forums). Read documentation

Dynamic voucher API

This API is used by our resellers to generate voucher codes for appdb PRO. Please contact appdb staff on appdb forums to register yourself as reseller. Read documentation

Direct installation support

If you are file hosting owner, you can add direct installation support to your project. This will allow users of appdb to install apps directly to their device from your file hosting. Read documentation
When you implemented direct installation support, contact appdb staff on appdb forums to discuss agreement between you and appdb before we will add your filehosting.

Status API

Sometimes shit happens, to obtain status of appdb infrastructure from different endpoints, please refer to our Status page API