Appdb's developer account reseller program

Paid to resellers so far: 27985 EUR

You and appdb
appdb respects your privacy and wants to explain, why we are launching this program

appdb was launched in 2012 with passion to provide users ability to share and install any apps to their iOS devices. Since 2012 lots of things have been changed. Apple is restricting freedom in various ways: removing apps from AppStore, making installation to device much harder, introducing new identity verifications, certificate revocations, etc.

appdb uses apple developer identity to allow users to install apps to non-jailbroken devices, we use money that users pay for PRO to buy such identities from Apple. However, because of revocations, strict limitation and hardened purchase process we are almost dying. Currently appdb does not pay for itself, it is taking money from pockets of it's creators to live another month.

appdb is community non-profit project. it's a platform that connect users with developers with freedom in their minds. appdb always relies on this, all content on appdb is provided by it's users. We have launched some programs to support users and involve more people in community to help each other, for example Staff Support Program, where we are sharing unneeded money and giving away iTunes Gift Cards or Automatic Request fulfillment fund, where everyone can request app and it will be purchased by appdb and shared. We have also launched iCloud activation program that will help appdb to get developer account and share it with others.

Developer account reseller program

Personal apple developer accounts are required to install apps to non-jailbroken devices, that's how apple made it. appdb buys such accounts on funds that we've earned from PRO sales and shares these accounts with newly activated PROs.

As appdb is one of the largest websites since apptrackr and appaddict died, we simply has no so much people and we can't afford lots of people who will register developer accounts on mass scale that you (appdb users) demand. That's why we decided to open yet another program - Personal apple developer account program

What is it?

It is fully featured program that will help you to earn some money and help another users on appdb to use apps on non-jailbroken devices. The idea is the following:

  • You can buy developer account and give it to appdb
  • appdb will use it to activate PROs and pay 1 EUR per device activation to you. You can withdraw funds as soon as you reach 20 EUR.

Sounds simple? It is simple and, we hope, will solve most problems and will strengthen the community

Yes. appdb has consulted with local layers in different countries and the only thing you violate is section 3.2 (f) of apple developer agreement.

3.2 (f) You will not, directly or indirectly, commit any act intended to interfere with the Apple Software or Services, the intent of this Agreement, or Apple’s business practices including, but not limited to, taking actions that may hinder the performance or intended use of the App Store, Custom App Distribution, or the Program (e.g., submitting fraudulent reviews of Your own Application or any third party application, choosing a name for Your Application that is substantially similar to the name of a third party application in order to create consumer confusion, or squatting on application names to prevent legitimate third party use). Further, You will not engage, or encourage others to engage, in any unlawful, unfair, misleading, fraudulent, improper, or dishonest acts or business practices relating to Your Covered Products (e.g., engaging in bait- and-switch pricing, consumer misrepresentation, deceptive business practices, or unfair competition against other developers);

As you see, it is contract between you and company, it covers only developer part of relationship with you and apple, nothing more. Your Apple ID, iCloud or any other part of apple ecosystem that does not belong to developer portal is not affected.

Is it private?

Yes. appdb never shares developer account information to anyone and not providing cryptographic identities that can identify you or your devices.

What's my benefit?

  • Around 200% or more ROI within month or quicker (depends of user demand on PRO activations). Developer accounts costs around 100 EUR, it can contain up to 400 devices. However, due to appdb's randomness in account selection, usually it is filled with 100-200 devices.
  • 24-h payouts to your PayPal or Bitcoin address.

Does country of account matter?

No. Developer account can be registered in any country.

How to participate in this?

We have developed algorithm that you should follow:


  1. Apple device (and that supports 2 factor auth (iOS 9 or later, OS X El Capitan or later)
  2. A valid mobile phone number that can receive SMS or call
  3. A valid credit card with apple developer account cost balance (around 100 EUR, you will see exact amount during enrollment)

What to do?

  1. Register new Apple ID with two factor authentication. It's important to use separate Apple ID, as you will give away this account to appdb.
  2. If you have iCloud account on your device, log out from it and log in to your freshly created apple ID. Choose to do not merge data.
  3. Go to account details/security tab. Check that 2 factor (not 2 step!) auth is active. If you having difficulties, refer to official Apple documentation.
  4. Go to - apple developer portal. Log in, Agree with terms, Click "Join Apple Developer program".
  5. Fill in the form, go further until you will see entity type selection select "Individual / Sole proprietor".
  6. Proceed to payment and pay for it. Don't forget to turn automatic renewal off if Apple offers you to turn it on.
  7. Wait for activation emails, they should state "Welcome to Apple Developer program", "Welcome to AppStore connect". Usually it takes couple hours. Please do not remove these messages from mailbox as they are automatically verified by our systems.
  8. Log out from all your devices with this account
  9. It's done! Now you have personal apple developer account that you can use in developer account reseller program

You should have this data at the end:

  1. Email address of Apple ID
  2. Password to email
  3. Password to Apple ID

Now you can submit your account to appdb. Once submitted, appdb representative will contact you in order to verify your account and remove your mobile phone number from it.

Once you have finished all these steps and have required information, you can go ahead and Create appdb staff account to access appdb's Personal Developer Account reseller program. Do not use Apple ID email that you created as your appdb account email!