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Alongside app updates have arrived

Published on Wed, 17 Jan 2018 08:50:56 +0000

Hello everyone!

We know that some of you are using alongside app installation (which you can configure from device features configuration page), this is when you need second verson of Snapchat, or Telegram Messenger - and you know that you were unable to correctly update alognside installed apps... until now.

We are introducing alongside app updates! To update alongside app, you need to know it's unique ID, that will be written when you will check updates for your device. And you should fill it in when you will tap green INSTALL button on appdb. That's it, simple and clever!

Also we have made couple improvements to device updates page and APIs, now device updates page shows you section where update was found - it may be Cydia Apps or iOS Apps; our API's get_updates response just got alongside_id key, so you can identify alongside installed app in your 3rd party appdb clients. And our is_alongside parameter to install request has been changed to string. Check more in API documentation.

PS: If you want to update current alongside-installed apps, you need to reinstall them with unique IDs.

Best regards, appdb team.