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Important info for uploaders

Published on Wed, 20 Feb 2013 21:00:06 +0000

Hello, uploaders!

We have a message for you, describing our policy for the apps database, apps moderation, links gathering and our relations with you.

    First. is a place where you can share cracked apps with other people. All app submissions on appdb require pre-moderation, this is because we do not want to see mess on our site, we are responsible for content published here, treat us like the AppStore for Cracked apps, we also have an apps approval system for the benefit of the end users.

    Second. Our Moderators are live people, that are not addicted to profit from IPA file hosting, we carefully review the validity of your app submission/s - availability of the file/s, validity of filename/s, version/s and additional information you may have provided. Moderators can and will contact you via push messages and emails, you also will get an email if your app will be denied with an explanation as to why it was denied. This is one-side contact, you can only receive requests from moderators to check/change something, but you can not reply. There are many submissions, and there is no time for conversation.

    Third. Submitted links are checked, that they are unique, that the file is accessible and that the hosting is allowed on our site. OLD links will now remain FIRST in links list as we feel it only fair the first uploader of an app remains the top of the list.

    Fourth. appdb does not like or dislike you personally, if you a are cool cracker - just upload your apps first! Every app will be moderated the in order it was uploaded. Do not ask moderators to review your apps more quicky, they simply can not.

    Fifth. We have taken measures to ensure all moderators are aware when apps are in pending, this should mean that we are able to approve your apps faster. Your apps will always be approved within 24hours but usually much sooner than that!

    We hope you all understand the reasons behind our decisions regarding app submissions. appdb strive to be the safest, cleanest, most reliable source for cracked applications with quality content unlike any other store of its kind.

Thanks for understanding, forever yours, appdb.