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Deprecation of unlinking via email, getting link code to email

Published on Mon, 28 May 2018 15:28:10 +0000

Hello everyone!

We thought a bit and realized that it takes too much time to link new device, especially if you've forgot about any previous devices that were linked to appdb... that's why we are deprecating unlinking via email, and linking all of your devices manually again. It requires 1,2...N+1 times, where N is number of your devices, that you use with appdb.

Sounds incredibly complex, right?

That's why we are introducing sending of link codes to emails, because yes, it's pretty easy and secure. Remember, it is one-time code? So it's safe to be sent.

Now you only need enter your email, tap on "get link code to email" on device linking page.

Then go to Mail app, check your mailbox and that's it - just enter it on appdb to link your new device.

PS: App developers, check new email_link_code method.

Best regards, appdb team.