Tracks, Mass Management & Uploads Status/History

Published on Sat, 23 Feb 2013 18:39:33 +0000


Today appdb introduces yet another feature feature called MY TRACKS. Its a specific page where you can view all your tracked apps and, of course, you can untrack any app you want.

For uploaders. There is cute page named Uploads History aka Uploads status- this page shows your uploads, their status and updates and was made for informative puproses only. There are couple of statuses:

  • Pending - your app was not reviewed by moderator yet
  • Rejected (reason) - your submission denied with reason
  • Accepted - your app successfully accepted
  • Accepted (new version) - your app successfully accepted and replaced old version on site
  • Archived (newer version available on site) - your app successfully accepted, but moved to archive, because new version is published on site

More cool stuff is coming. Stay tuned!