We hear you, so that's what we changed

Published on Fri, 19 Oct 2018 06:20:23 +0000

Hello everyone!

Thank you for your feedback regarding new improvements on appdb!

We were very strict regarding our existing customers, and we've got your point. If you activated PRO before 18 October 2018 (when revocation protection system was introduced), you can force disable revocation protection checks on device features configuration page, it is also accesible via Main menu->Device management->Configure features, and use appdb as usually.

We will also keep one year PRO revocation warranty for customers who activated PRO before 18 October 2018, so if it will be revoked again, we will freely reactivate it.

Since there is no protection for AppleTV, for AppleTVs all remains the same - one year revocation warranty, as always.

Our new customers do not need reactivations, because with our revocation protection apps will work during whole year.

Best regards, appdb team.