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Internal protection development has failed, official statement

Published on Thu, 08 Nov 2018 15:27:05 +0000

Hello everyone!

We have developed some on-device protection tools internally and we were searching for stable and free solution for revocation protection, however, all our tests, including adguard itself failed.

The main problem is that there is no stable solution for this at the moment. Different networks behavior, such as connecting/disconnecting to wifi, switching between wifi/cellular, bad signal conditions, etc, result in unstable block of apple revocation servers, low level APIs are still able to reach original servers despite of being filtered via offcial apple frameworks and protocols - when new connection establishes, frameworks thinks that there is no internet, so routing fails, while low level daemons such as trustd (which is controlling revocations) - is still able to contact required server.

So, for now, we are leaving ability to reactivate PRO for everyone; and price for appdb PRO will stay the same unless first revocation.

We have made some imporvements to our systems that possibly can allow us to avoid revocations (and we ok for one month, since we began to use our new developments) - fingers crossed, it will work, but we can not guarantee anything.

We still highly recommend to use revocation protection tools such as adguard or adblock by futuremind - this will help your apps to last longer, that's why we are leaving protection ON, but not mandatory.

We won't change APIs requirements as we stated here, however all functionality regarding revocation protection checks will be enabled, but not mandatory until we will find working and stable solution.

Best regards, appdb team.