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Outage report and Happy New Year!

Published on Fri, 28 Dec 2018 07:50:07 +0000

Hello everyone!

One of key features of appdb community is that we are always being transparent with our users. Today we have fixed one of biggest issues in our system since it's exisitng, and it required us to upgrade encryption, that is used in appdb infrastructure.

Here what's happened:

Yesterday we were preforming our regular scheduled maintenance, upgrading PRO infratstructure to new software provided by Apple, Inc. It went fine, everything was ok and we rolled everything to production, but... but parts of our software update automatically from AppStore, and that's what caused so much trouble. Yesterday's automatic update ruined encryption inside appdb signing servers, they simply can not understand that file already downloaded and needs to be decrypted, and showed "requesting download location" to you. In fact, error encountered and your signing task just died without unlocking captured resources. That's why then you saw "same task is already running".

This unexpectable queue growed, and our metrics showed that everything is fine, because during revocations servers are doing their job very well with lots of commands in queue. Today our tech team investigated that issued and found that apple simply removed old ciphers that we used (appdb was founded in 2012 and cipher change across whole infrastructure is a pain). We were forced to upgrade them to modern ones and it took lot of time, that's why we did not reply in our social medias - it's better to focus on issue and fix it as soon as possible.

Anyway, everything should be fine now. If you are still having issues - please create topic on our forums.

Thank you for your support and dedication.

With apologies for downtime,

Best regards, appdb team.


PS: And Happy New Year!