Torrents & filehosting for everyone

Published on Mon, 25 Feb 2013 10:59:49 +0000


Today we have made agreements with a new filehost called


It is DMCA-free and stable filehosting that can be used by our uploaders and users. It has nice download speed for free users and big file sizes for upload, that fits all IPA requirements.
Please feel free to upload your IPA's on this filehosting.

Second, we have added BitTorrent support! Uploaders optionally can provide .torrent file with IPA package, then download .torrent file with our trackers and begin to seed. Seedboxes wanted. If you want to provide us seedbox, please email to relations at appdb dot org.
Regular users can download torrents via magnet links, they appear on download page near to regular links. Magnet links support will also be added to the iOS app along with fixes for all other support file hosts.

We're celebrating this collaboration. Check out our forum - there is a contest there.