appdb revocation protection private beta

Published on Mon, 20 May 2019 15:39:01 +0000

Hello everyone!

appdb has one wonderful thing to test, and we need your help.

Last year appdb PROs were frequently revoked by Apple, and this situation hurts everyone - you, our freedom to use anything on our devices, our staff support program and appdb itself. Every revocation we are loosing lots of time, money, which can be used for appdb improvement or for crackers to buy new apps to share with you. Each revocation we are opening our old project of revocation protection and beginnig to investigate everything again from ground up.

But today we have come to conlusion that current development version of protection may be able to protect all of us, even if our devices are not jailbroken. And we need your help to test this appplication and say is it working or not.

Requirements for tests:

  1. Active (non revoked) PRO.
  2. Device with iOS 11 and later.

Testing procedure:

  • You need to reset your device and restore your backup to it to clear revocation caches.
  • You will install our revocation protection application.
  • We will send you dummy app that is signed with revoked certificate.
  • You need to check that dummy app is still working in different conditions - network switches from celluar to wifi, signal loss, wifi off/on, airplane mode, etc.

Update: Thank you for joining tests!

Thank you!