Design contest with prizes!

Published on Sun, 09 Jun 2019 07:36:40 +0000

Hello everyone!

We know, appdb looks ugly. It is because we have started it in 2012, and now at least 7 years passed by. It's time to change our look.

As appdb is community driven project, we decided to make a contest of design. All participants just need to draw our main page, how it will look on iPhones, iPads and Mac/PC. Then, we will create poll, where everyone (who linked device and uses appdb) can vote, and, finally, we will hire winner to fully design appdb website! Please take a look at full description of work that need to be done on forums. You can also post your designs there directly in topic.

Contest will end on 1st of July. Then we will create poll for everyone to vote!

Prizes are:

first place - design contract

second place - $100 (or equal in other country) iTunes gift card

third place - $50 (or equal in other country) iTunes gift card

Let's make appdb look like you want it!

Best regards, appdb team!