Collaboration with udidregistrations, PRO providers and new rules for PRO re-activations

Published on Wed, 06 Nov 2019 07:44:28 +0000

Hello everyone!

appdb is announcing collaboration with udidregistrations. We have partnered with one of most popular UDID registration and developer certificate providers in order to help us to fight against frequent revocations of PROs and appdb's losses because of it.
As udidregistrations have almost the same technologies that stand behind appdb, we decided to work with them in a more advanced way. They are not just our reseller - they are PRO provider. After challenging difficulties to make our systems compatible - we are ready to say that we implemented something really cool - PRO by udidregistrations.
How does it work? You can obtain PRO voucher from them, but security credentials will be issued by udidregistrations, support will also be provided by them, but everything will be fully compatible with appdb. Now you can choose what PRO provider to use - appdb itself or udidregistrations. Sightly there will be no differences, as appdb is just looking for a way to reduce losses from PRO revocations.

And much more - with appdb's scale - we are launching PRO provider integrations, so everyone who can provide developer certificates in automatic manner can join us this fight for our freedom to use anything we want on our devices - just contact us via our forums to get details.

Furthermore. We have decided to soften rules regarding PRO! Now, if your device was damaged and was replaced by Apple (and you have proper documents for this case) - you can submit documents to support desk and we will activate you new device for free. Sounds fair? Definitely yes.

Best regards, appdb team.