Personal Apple Developer reseller program, earn 300-500 USD per developer account

Published on Thu, 21 Nov 2019 19:44:42 +0000

Hello everyone!

We've got overwhelming response from you during this day! We've got thousands of messages offering us to change our developer account intiative, act more fairly and transparently. We do so! After short meeting we have decided to transform developer account initiative to personal apple developer reseller program. Imagine that you can get up to $300-500 per month (as one account usually fills within a month), just spent $100 and half of an hour? If you have more accounts - no problem, it's very cool.

As we typing this text, our technical team quickly solves last bugs that were found during this one-day development, but, apart of success on development stage itself, appdb is critically failing on PRO provision stage, and here's why:

  • Apple has hardened rules for developer account creation. Now they have enabled some algorithm that prevents us to obtain developer accounts quickly.
  • We have no new developer accounts but we are trying to obtain new ones, that's why current PRO revocations are pending.
  • We are asking you to help us via developer account reseller program.

If at least 50 people can participate in this program within a month - appdb will be saved. You will be saved. Our freedom will be saved.

You can find updated page about personal developer account initiative and reseller program here. Please read carefully. We hope for your support. If everyone support each other, great ideas and projects florish.

Thank you very much for great feedback and ability to change a way how appdb evolves for you.

Best regards, appdb team.