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Statement regarding Rickpactor and iOS 13.3.1

Published on Wed, 29 Jan 2020 19:04:31 +0000

Hello everyone!

It was not so long, but very fast journey - apple has changed lots of things with iOS 13.3.1. So now, Rickpactor is not working (and any other tools with complex apps that include dynamically linked libraries or frameworks). We are researching new ways to bring the same or even better experience to you, but until then, it will be unavailable.

Currently we know two things:

  • Apple introduced limits to requests to it's free services, that's why new Rickpactor configurations are failing (we have disabled them to cool down systems)
  • Provisioning updates that appdb does in background will likely fail (and you will get email about fact that Rickpactor was disabled)

It's another hit in this cat-mouse game, we will try to find new way to our freedom.

Meanwhile, any other appdb services like PRO or support of installations with your own paid certificates are working fine.

Thank you for support.

Best regards, appdb team.