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Rickpactor for iOS/iPadOS < 13.3.1 has been restored (beta)

Published on Mon, 03 Feb 2020 08:17:45 +0000

Hello everyone!

Good news have arrived!

Rickpactor for iOS/iPadOS below 13.3.1 has been restored. Please try to use it now. Unfortunately we have no plans to restore it for 13.3.1 as we think it contains one major bug that prevents of usage of apps with frameworks (almost every appp), it is broken even with official xCode and your own developed apps. Let's wait for fix or for an update. While you can, downgrade to 13.3 via IPSW file and iTunes or Finder (you can find lots of tutorials how to do this in internet).

We will keep watching how things are going during this week to make it more stable, so consider this as a beta version in completely new hostile environment built by Apple, Inc.

Best regards, appdb team.