appdb Tools Beta Released!!

Published on Wed, 26 Jun 2013 11:11:51 +0000

appdb Tools

For those of you that can't or won't JailBreak! 

A new generation resigning tool.... Beta Version Released!

appdb are proud to announce that we are bringing you the next generation of resign tool. When we bring you a tool we make sure it is done right and we pack it full of powerfull, usefull features with a great user experience. 
appdb Tools will be no exception to this, we have released the beta version which will help people resign and install their cracked apps without the need of a JailBreak! This is great for people who have accidently updated past iOS 6.1.2, for people wanting to try out iOS 7 or simply for people who don't want to JailBreak their devices but still want to benefit from the use of cracked iOS apps.


To use AA Tools you must have an Advanced UDiD Activation from RegMyUDiD - This will not work with any other CERT providers 

For more information and to download AA Tools please see HERE


A few screenshots for you below