DNS Override

DNS Override

DNS Override is the World’s FIRST App that Lets You Easily Change DNS Server Settings On Your iPhone or iPad!

> Works for Wi-Fi & Cellular Networks*
> Several DNS & SmartDNS Providers
> Filter Unwanted Content & Block Ads thanks to DNS
> Access Restricted Content
> Increase Speed & Security
> Test DNS Settings With DNS Leak Test
> Easily announce your new IP with DNS-O-Matic

••• About DNS Override •••
Do you want to change DNS settings for your cellular connection – but are frustrated that the only choices you have to set DNS servers for your Wi-Fi network are to change the settings on your device, or reconfigure your router? Well, now you have a MUCH better option thanks to DNS Override!

••• How it Works •••
DNS Override is the first and only app that lets you quickly and easily set and change DNS server preferences on your iPhone or iPad. You simply choose from several popular public DNS providers, such as OpenDNS, Google Public DNS, Norton ConnectSafe and more.

••• SmartDNS •••
You can also choose from 10+ SmartDNS providers that offer various enhanced features, including filtering adult or objectionable content, blocking ads, avoiding SPAM and malware, accessing geo-restricted content and much more.

••• Global Settings & Custom Profiles •••
With DNS Override, you can create a single global setting for ALL of your Wi-Fi and cellular connections, which means that you don’t have to waste time configuring each connection separately. You can also create custom profiles, and switch between them with a single tap. Changing DNS setting is also easy and takes mere seconds.

••• Enhanced Privacy •••
DNS Override delivers direct, fast and secure connection between your device and your designated DNS provider. There is no active VPN link to any third party slowing down your Internet. The app provides you with a full and regularly updated list of each DNS’s IP addresses.

••• Simple to Use •••
Don’t worry if you aren’t a “technical wizard”. DNS Override is very simple and easy to use. No technical knowledge is required. Download it now and enjoy the benefits right away!

••• Questions? Support? •••
Send us your questions and access support by visiting https://www.dnsoverride.com.

* -=! [ DNS hijacking by some mobile carriers and other ISPs ] !=-
Please notice that DNS Override will not allow you to escape DNS hijacking, which is sometimes performed by ISPs, mobile network carriers or Wi-Fi networks. Please refer to https://www.dnsoverride.com/dns-hijacking-by-some-mobile-isp/ for more information.

-=! [ Incompatible with iOS 9.3 ] !=-
Due to a bug in system VPN Manager introduced in iOS 9.3 the "DNS Override" and "Auto IP Update" features (available as in-app purchase) are broken. Unfortunately, this problem can't be fixed with an app update - it's an iOS bug. All DNS Override features are compatible with iOS 9.0 - 9.2.1 and iOS 10 and iOS 11.

What's New

• Introducing favourite profiles: swipe right on any profile to add it to your favourites and keep it right where you need it - on the top of the list
• Swipe left on custom profile to edit or remove it
• Use Auto IP update with custom profiles - configure any URL that will be called on every network change
• Updates to existing profiles (added Quad9, Neustar DNS)
• iPhone X support
• Other fixes and improvements