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Radar Commander

Radar Commander

Take control of the airspace with Radar Commander !
Manage your weapons and protect your radar site from waves of enemies.
Compete on the global leaderboards with other commanders.
Immerse yourself thanks to highly polished GUI and very detailed soundscape.

3 Main weapons :

- CIWS (Red shape): highly effective close range automatic defence system. Simply orient it, and it will automatically shoot downs enemies and missiles.

- Missiles (Blue shape): lock up to 3 targets and engage them with advanced long range missiles.

- Artillery (Yellow shape): double tap to fire high powered artillery shells that inflict a wide area damage.

Supply planes will drop strategically important power-ups, manage them and use them when essential.

Fully supports multitouch for extreme weapon management.
On iPad try with a friend sharing the weapons to control.

No in-app purchases or banner / video ads, purchase once and have the full game !

What's New

- All new support for portrait orientation!
- Added support for new devices and resolutions
- Added zoom and panning to radar screen (especially useful on iPhones)
- improved tutorial, new mission for a less steep learning curve.
- Bug fixes
- GUI fixes
- Powerups guide.