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EchoLog - Ultrasound Logbook

EchoLog - Ultrasound Logbook

Log your ultrasound and POCUS scans easily with EchoLog, designed specifically for ultrasound logging.

EchoLog is made by two Emergency Medicine residents from Montreal, Canada, wanting to improve on the current logbook system for Ultrasound certification.

After months of design, development, and user feedback, the result is EchoLog: an efficient way to keep track of your scans that is intuitive to use, whether for certification, billing, or skill mastery.

No more paper logs that gets lost or that you forget to bring for your shift!

We hope you'll support our endeavour to continue to improve EchoLog!

Features include:
- Intuitive UI
EchoLog is designed by a team consisting of physicians, UI, and UX experts, with a focus to help you to log and review your scans with ease.

- Smart Scan Count
No more counting your scans manually. Automatically excludes indeterminate scans.

- Data Security
Log your scans securely, with password, Face and Touch ID login to access your data. The data is stored on your phone only, and not sent to any outside service, so rest assured about patient privacy.

- Export your Logbook
You can export your logbook as a PDF for review or storage. We have worked with CPOCUS to ensure the logbook is compliant with their suite of IP certifications, so your hard work can pay off.

- Camera Capture
Don't want to type in patient info? Take a picture of the ID instead.

- Signature Capture
Have your scans signed off by your instructor, right in EchoLog.

Still logging your ultrasound and POCUS scans on paper? Use EchoLog instead!

What's New

Always create a backup of your data by first exporting your EchoLog to ensure data safekeeping!

To celebrate our first cross-platform release, we've also updated the iOS version! Quality of life improvements and bug fixes in this version.
- improved Face ID and Touch ID
- easier scrolling in Add Scan screen
- show supervisor signature on export with privacy mode
- improved History sort order
- performance improvements
- other bug fixes