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QR code Generator: QROX+

QR code Generator: QROX+

▷ Making QR code is as easy as reading.

QR code has already become one of the tools closely related to our lives.
Isn't the QR code that can contain so much variety and information in square-shaped code such a wonderful invention?
QRox is a tool that not only reads QR codes quickly, but also makes it easy to create QR codes.

Now you can create your own QR code.
You may be able to guide your site with QR code or create your name card.
And why not send a simple e-mail to your loved one using QR code?

◉ Main functions

1. Read the QR code with the camera to display the code image and contents
• Flash function that can be read even in dark places

2. Enter the content to create a QR code

3. Save frequently used QR codes to favorites

4. Link to the contents of the QR code
• Website
• Telephone
• Message
• E-mail
• Map

5. Save QR code for reuse
• Favorites
• Clipboard
• Camera roll

6. Sending or sharing QR codes via
• Message
• E-mail
• Twitter
• Facebook

What's New

Optimized for new iOS version.