ColorCard - 100k+ Users

ColorCard - 100k+ Users

ColorCard is a tool designed for designers, to manage color schemes.

Firstly, ColorCard provides 400+ wonderful color schemes.

Secondly, you can get the color scheme from a photo, making into your own color system.

In addition, ColorCard can generate nice cards, for sharing to friends.

This is a iterating product. It will be nice for your suggestion, and my email is

What's New

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「What Updates」
1. Wow function, add picker on picture.
2. Optimize interaction in searching.
3. Fix some crashes.

「Latest Updates」
1. Add new card styles, and you can choose it.
2. Support 4-6 colors in a color scheme, adjusting card style.
3. Support RGB/HSB/CMYK value.
4. Improve UI to Flat design.
5. Optimization on search, ignoring case.
6. Add save button, saving/sharing color card.
7. Optimization on content copied.
8. Fix some UI bug on exiting preview.
9. Fix crashes on iOS9.