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ColorCard for Designers

ColorCard for Designers

ColorCard is a tool developed for designers, used for color scheme management.

It provides fast color scheme picker, and generate beautiful color card pictures, easy to share your color ideas. At the same time it also brought some classic photo color schemes for your reference.

What's more, the main function of ColorCard 1.0 "Color Scheme", is included in the tool set as a small tool. In addition, we also add "Gradient Colors" and "Color Value Converter", which we hope can help you.

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This is a iterating product. It will be nice for your suggestion, and our email is

What's New

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「What Update」
1. New color detail page, with more professional reference.
2. Fix the risk of cache image missing.

「Late Update」
1. Optimize the Color Picker, better to use.
2. Name support for cards.
3. New color toolbox, including "Classical Color Scheme", "Gradient Colors" and "Color Value Converter".
5. Many detail optimizations on Picture Picker, Alert and so on.