A brand new OCR(Optical Character Recognition) software that extracts text from any picture for daily use.

Very useful for converting paper documents to e-format, making reading notes for people who love reading physical books, or just simply extract information in the screenshots your friends shared with you.

Major features:
1. High quality OCR technology.
2. Shoot first, then "focus". After the scanning, you can chose to
view the whole text or select certain paragraph to edit or copy.
3. Automatically paragraphing, no more useless line breaks.
4. Press to Compare feature: even though the OCR results of this app are good enough in most cases, you may still need a way to adjust the content easily.
5. Support images taken from camera or chosen from your album. And also History for your content.
6. Merge & Copy: combine the text of multiple pictures into one article.
7. Smart Preview: Highlight addresses, links, phone numbers and time events automatically in the text preview screen. You can even interact directly with them, like make a call to the number in a screenshots with out recall your memory.
8. Search in History: quickly find your documents with a keyword.
9. 10 languages supported: Chinese, Japanese, Korean, English, Portuguese, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Russian.

What's New

Fixed the crashing issue if OCR API failed to response.