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VIN checking description auto

VIN checking description auto

The first and only application that supports all databases for checks.
Accident, Base of the State Traffic Safety Inspectorate, Deposits of banks and bailiffs, TO, Information on over-buying and reports CarFax.

Full information about the car: presence of judicial restrictions and hijacking (official traffic police service), being in a mortgage with partner banks (currently 12 banks), the hijack database, the Federal Bailiffs' base, the register of pledges, the Avtokod database (hijacking, accidents), CarFax for American cars, the base of perekupov and much more.

Everything really works!

Scan the VIN code (the unique code consisting of 17 characters is indicated in the PTS / STS and is stamped on the body / engine of the car, the body number for Japanese cars) by phone or driving it by hand. Keep a history of proven cars. Be always protected by our application.

What's New

Fixes to car info searches