Canary Mail

Canary Mail

Canary supports all your Gmail, iCloud, Office365, Yahoo, IMAP & Exchange accounts.

**Contact Profiles**
Access all your Contacts’ emails, files & even social media profiles in one place.

**End-To-End Encryption**
Encrypt emails seamlessly with Canary’s zero-setup encryption, or via PGP.

**Read Receipts**
Get notified as soon as your emails are read.

Save frequently used drafts to reuse them with 1-tap.

**Dark Compose**
Compose emails via Canary’s gorgeous new true dark composer.

Get easy access to the people that matter the most. Never miss important emails.

**Smart Notifications**
Choose to get notifications for important emails only.

**Pin Emails**
Keep important emails at the top of your Inbox.

**Custom Snooze Times**
Handle emails when the time is right - today, tomorrow, or when you’re ready.

**Custom Thread Actions**
Get quick access to the actions that best suit your workflow.

**Custom Notification Sounds**
Set a unique notification sound for each account.

**Attachments Browser**
Easily review all files in a Conversation, without hunting.

What's New

Canary Mail 3.0 has been redesigned from the ground up to be faster, simpler, and more intuitive. Take advantage of the full power of macOS Catalina!

Canary Mail 3.0 Pro is free to try for 30 days. If you've already purchased a previous version of the app, you will retain access to those features that you've already paid for. You can also choose to unlock the new features after the trial ends via an in-app purchase at a special upgrade price.

V3.04 Release Notes:

- New: Brand new Calendar with Day, Month & Agenda views
- New: Favorites are now displayed in the Sidebar for easier access
- New: Recently used fonts should be displayed at the top of the font picker in Compose
- New: Ability to add hyperlink via right-click in Compose
- New: Ability to set default compose font
- Fix: Display name should be pre-filled automatically when adding a new Gmail account
- Fix: Formatting keyboard shortcuts should now work in Compose
- Fix: Formatting buttons should correctly display on / off status
- Fix: Tooltips should be displayed for formatting icons
- Fix: Email list and email bodies should fill available space even on very large screens
- Fix: Selecting emails via Search should display the correct Conversation
- Fix: Rows should not overlap in the email list
- Fix: Canary should work correctly with ProtonMail Bridge