EZAudioCut - Audio Editor

EZAudioCut - Audio Editor

Easy Audio Cut is an easy & simple recording and audio editing tools, you can insert the recording indefinitely, and also it can be used as a recording pen , you can easily intercept and merge audio, add sound processing, support the removal of the clip operation, heavy Do, support ultra-high precision editing audio, editing audio, support real-time pre-listening effect.

Easy Audio Cut support the recording to add reverb effects, chorus effects, whether you record guitar playing or piano solo, or classroom lectures, poetry recitation, oral practice, give you a high quality recording.

When you have some flaws in recording, it does not matter, you only need to cut off the defective part, record the the little.

If you want to create your own personality ringtones, just need to import music to the phone, Easy Audio Cut help you accurately clip your unique ringtones.

Easy Audio Cut support the reverb effect, make your singing is not dry, support multiple scenes preset reverb, like a concert like Live effect.

Easy Audio Cut supports variable-speed playback and variable-speed (Time Stretch) export, pitch-shift playback, Pitch-derived audio, infinitely variable speed, and infinitely variable pitch.

When you want the phone as a voice recorder, you only need to use the recorder mode to lock the recording.

After the recording process to answer the call, Easy Audio Cut will automatically resume recording, no need to restart the recording.

1. Support import file from the other App to Easy Audio Cut audio library.
2. Support import file from the iTunes audio library and iCloud Driver.
3. Support audio Edit, the effect of real-time preview function, pre-listening process to dynamically adjust the effect of the parameters.
4. Support the recorder mode, support the lock recording, recording process automatically resume after the recording, recording pause function, the recorder to add the effect of the function.
5. Support Wifi LAN share audio, SMS sharing, E-mail sharing, and third-party software ( Twitter,WeChat, etc.) to share (AirDrop).
6. Support from iCloud import audio editing and export audio to iCloud.
7. Support a variety of formats audio into the easy to cut audio library (m4a, aac, aiff, wav mp3, mp2, ALAC and other formats).
8. Support export m4a, mp3, aac, wav, aiff , etc, format to share.
9. Support volume adjustment(volume gain).
10) Support adjust the playing speed of audio, supports stepless speed change from 0.5x to 3x, supports audio transposition, and supports 0.5x to 2x linear transposition.
12. Support watches disconnect the phone connection, offline recording, audio import clips.
13. Support watch record in background.
14. Support Video extract audio track.
15. Support import network audio to edit.

What's New

1) Fix video to audio, the file stored in iCloud album can not be imported.
2) Fix the problem that the scrolling waveform will flash back in some cases.