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VTLMaker-Video To LivePhoto

VTLMaker-Video To LivePhoto

VTLMaker has been on the line for two years, and then, with the addition of VR panoramic photos, immersive experience, let you stay at home and enjoy the world
A software to help you do live wallpaper (live photos), emoticons (GIF animation), GIF to video (friends circle graphics solution), Live photos to video, Live photos to Lmr (unique format for universal transmission, Save dynamic photos), panoramic VR photos, what are you waiting for?

VTLMaker can convert video into LivePhoto format, Gif format, lmr format software, convert GIF, LivePhoto into video, change LivePhoto cover, VR panoramic photo browsing function
        1, do a vivid Gif animation emoticon package, optimized for WeChat expression size, can be stored, tested, guaranteed size is around 500k, WeChat can be saved to the custom emoticon, in the software gear button adjustment three Attribute integration and effect resizing, this version supports the generation of HDG images

        2, use the video to generate interesting LivePhoto, or convert LivePhoto into lrpm format to transmit over the network, so that Livephoto can not only be transmitted through iMessage and AirDrop, but also can be transmitted by network disk or other software.
        3, Lmr format allows the original limited LivePhoto how to share how to share, through WeChat, QQ other similar software can transfer this format. Restore in software and quickly restore to Live photos.
        4, do a superb LivePhoto animation wallpaper, intercept the fun video, make your own personalized iPhone, HD Live wallpaper
        5. Convert the edited video into a live photo. It is no longer annoying for capturing live photos with the camera. Devices that don't support live photos can now enjoy new features. Transferring live photos is no longer subject to special formats. Sharing face to face, or subject to network status can not be shared by imessage, you can happily share your live moments through this software.
         6, the GIF dynamic picture into a video, WeChat friends circle want to send a GIF solution
         7. VTLMaker has been on the 2nd anniversary of the launch. At this time, we will add VR panoramic photos and immersive beauty experience, so that you can browse the world without leaving home.
          1. VTLMaker can generate live photos for up to 18 seconds.
          2. VTLMaker can receive LMR format files, which can be imported by air, or imported via iTunes. Other social software can be used to open and copy to VTLMaker. In VTLMaker, open the imported LMR format file button. Click on the target Lmr file and wait for it to be restored to Livephoto. The restore can be viewed in the album.

Tool features:
     1.simple and efficient
     2. the generated LivePhoto has sound, sharing is simple and fast, one-click generation, up to 18 seconds of video support.
     3. emoticon package is simple to create, optimized for WeChat, the size can be stored in WeChat custom emoticons

What's New

1. Add 6 new panoramic photos
2, recompile with Swift 5.0, reduce the size of the installation package, optimize the thread, solve some bugs