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Deliberate Evolution

Deliberate Evolution

1 Beat your opponents.
2 ๑乛◡乛๑ Making babies!
3 Discover new species with both sides’ genes.
4 goto 1

This is an “open world” card battle game, and its theme is about genes. The battle ability of each cards and the gameplay experience are all based on your particular design of each cards’ genes pattern.

It’s the world’s first GBG (gene-based game) in which all units are bred from its parent units, and inherit their genes. All attributes, skills, and other powers are completely determined by its gene pattern.

Remember the principles: gene pattern determines traits, and traits determine species.

What's New

【Important Update】
1.Now among all the basic attributes, only vitalities can increase health.
2.Considerably adjust the balance of all species, traits, skills, and handbook rewards. This will take effect soon after the new version is released.
3.Multiple UI bug fixes and optimization.
4.Multiple bug fixes.
5.Please note that more and more species and traits will be added into this game. If a card’s genes fulfills the requirements of new species and traits that have higher priority, then the card will be updated into new species with new traits.

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