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SopoTube for YouTube + AdBlock

SopoTube for YouTube + AdBlock


● Search.
● Fullscreen supported.
● Splitscreen supported.
● No Silverlight plugin required.
● Optional: Automatic opening at login.
● Optional: MenuBar mini icon.
● Optional: Hide Dock Icon.
● Optional: Keep Window on Top.
● Customizable HotKey to show/hide the app.
● TouchBar Supported!
● No useless titlebar over the window.
● No annoying advertising messages at the start.
● No in-app purchases!
● No full version available through another app. This is the full version.

Why SopoTube for Youtube is better than other apps?
● BEST AdBlocker!
● DOWNLOAD action!
● Customizable video Brightness!
● Customizable video Saturation!
● Customizable video Contrast!
● Selectable Black&White video filter and other effects.
● Automatic play/pause based on focus.
● Badge number on dock for notifications.
● Optional: Dark Theme.
● Checkable time spent on Tube for YouTube.
● Password.

Keyboard Shortcuts:
● Space: Play/Pause.
● M: Mute/Unmute.
● Left arrow: go Back on the video.
● Right arrow: go Forward on the video.
● Ctrl+Cmd+F: enter/exit Fullscreen.

Legal notes: SopoTube for YouTube is a third party app and is not affiliate nor sponsored by Alphabet Inc and derivatives.

Please, if you like this app, write a positive feedback and leave 5 stars on the Mac App Store, but for any kind of error or information contact the support: