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MWeb is a professional Markdown writing, note taking, and static blog generator app for Mac, iPad, and iPhone. Here are some special features of MWeb.

## The software

* Made with supporting native technologies in mind. It is always a perfect integration with the platform.
* Aiming for modern UI and high performance, also being powerful, easy-to-use, and fully-featured.

## Markdown

### The powerful syntax

* Use the Github Flavored Markdown (GFM) by default.
* Included with the support of creating tables, TOCs, LaTeX math, fenced code blocks, task lists, footnotes, and many more.
* Easily generate graphics with any of mermaid, Graphviz, ECharts, PlantUML, js-sequence-diagrams, and flowchart.js.

### Editing assistant

* Gracefully handle image insertion: direct copy and paste, drag and drop, and full-colored preview in the editor.
* Specify the image size in Markdown-compatible syntax.
* Inserting tables and LaTeX equations with ease.

### Note taking

* Store and manage all documents in a tree-like categoring library with a tagging system. Categories can be gracefully exported or turned into static websites.
* Put quick notes.
* Instantly search from the entire library.

### Output

* Exporting contents as various formats, including HTML, EPUB, PDF, RTF, Docx, and even image.
* Publishing the articles to Wordrpess, Metaweblog API,, Evernote, Blogger, Medium, and Tumblr.
* Smooth support for image upload services: using Imgur, Qiniu, Upyun, or your custom API.

### External documentation

* There is an external mode in MWeb that enables importing existing markdown files in directories. It also handles contents from Gitbook, JekyII and Hexo.

## MWeb official website:

For more about MWeb, please check the MWeb official website: introduction video; it will show you how to use MWeb. We also suggest that you check the MWeb official help document:

What's New

* Image Upload Services support Tencent COS.
* Publish to now can upload images to Yuque (please re-add the Yuque publishing services).

Version 3.2.2
* Fix External mode Epub export bug.
* Publish to yuque now can custom yuque url.

Version 3.2.1
* Add: Publishing Services add Pandoc & Run Scripts.
* Add: Publishing to Yuque .
* Add: "Upload Local Images to.." - "Copy HTML with Style".
* Add: Preview mode add CMD + F for find.
* Add: External mode add clear unreferenced images (Right click folder - Clear Unreferenced Images...).
* Upload to qiniu support custom path, you can use: {year} {mon} {day} {random} {filename} {.suffix}.
* External mode search: 1. more faster full text search. 2. add a search button to left-bottom. 3. add menu: right click folder - search this folder. 4. shortcut CMD + O change to search current document's folder.
* When importing into the Library, if you choose a folder, the documents in the folder and the attachments related to the document will be imported together (previously only related images will be imported)
* Mermaid library update to version 8.0.0.
* Fix some export to epub bug.
* Other bug fixes and stability improvements.