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AgeMeter Test

AgeMeter Test

AgeMeter measures key functional biomarkers of aging, such as memory and lung function. By comparing a test taker's scores to norms by age and sex, the AgeMeter estimates a person’s functional age, which may differ from chronological age. Healthcare practices that focus on aging and aging researchers can use the AgeMeter to confirm whether interventions actually cause a person to have the functional ability of a younger age.

"For PGP, supercentenarian, aging reversal studies, and everyday wellness, we need cost-effective, standardized, quantitative insight into a diverse set of physiological measures. The AgeMeter can help us get there."
- Dr. George Church, Harvard University

Tested Biomarkers:
• Auditory Reaction Time
• Highest Audible Pitch
• Lung Function: Forced Vital Capacity
• Lung Function: Forced Expiratory Volume
• Memory
• Heart Rate Variability
• Pulse Oxygen
• Muscle Coordination
• Muscle Movement Time
• Vibrotactile Sensitivity
• Decision Reaction Time
• Decision Movement Time
• Movement Speed

An AgeMeter kit is required to use some of this app's features.

What's New

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