minutes in minutes - meeting

minutes in minutes - meeting

Do you want to spend less time in meetings?

Then "Minutes in Minutes" is the app for you. It helps you to have shorter and more productive meetings and you can make and send the minutes of the meeting in a snap. "Minutes in Minutes" provides full editing capabilities for minutes of the meeting, agenda items, to-do list, attendance, and reminders. You can also send e-mails for a meeting directly from your device.
All this on and from a device such as your iPhone or iPad, using the display keypad or a Bluetooth wireless keyboard.

- Import appointments from your iOS calendar, copy or create new meeting minutes
- Create minutes for follow-up sessions. Open actions and agenda items are taken over.
- Make a meeting agenda and send it by e-mail.
- Add participants from your address book.
- Define if attendees are present or absent.
- Add to-do items, decisions, and information with images from a flipchart or whiteboard
- Assign tasks to the various participants.
- Save the minutes of the meeting

- Complete the minutes of the meeting.
- Send tasks by email to the various participants.
- Send the minutes of the meeting by e-mail (as a Word file or PDF attachment) or save them to your device.
- Use the summary function to get an overview of all tasks, decisions, and information of recurring meeting minutes.

There is so much more to come...

What's New

Project summary / overview
Configurable image resolution of the minutes
Saving the protocol to the device
Send project tasks by mail
Redesigned agenda planning