Supernatural: The World's End

Supernatural: The World's End

Ready to cleanse the world of demons? Supernatural is a unique combination of turn-based RPG and demon hunter simulator.

The gates of hell open and all the demons escaped to our world. You belong to the secret order of light and your task - to stop evil spirits before the end of the world. You are waiting for hundreds of dangerous tasks in the hunt for monsters and 15 bosses, headed by the Devil himself!

At your disposal firearms,edged weapons, magic and various items to fight evil. Suck your skills and weapons to become the strongest demon hunter and stop the end of the world!

You will have to pick up to each monster their weapons and items that the monster will not like. For each task you will receive money and experience.

Peculiar properties:
• Without advertising
• Atmospheric music
* Adaptation for iPhone X
* Turn-based combat system
• Different types of weapons and items for hunting
• A large number of monsters and bosses
• Upgrading of skills and weapons
• Each type of monster has its own approach
* Creation of items and special ammunition

What's New

Optimize and improve game balance