Kalkulator 2

Kalkulator 2

Do you need to make more calculations using your last calculation result?
Are you having trouble, remembering your last calculation result?

If YES: (Don’t worry) Kalkulator is made for you! It will help you remember the results of your last calculation. It stores your results, which is then easily accessible. There is a history feature which allows you to continue calculations, where you left off. It is simple, and smart.

- Simple math calculation
- Scientific calculations; sin, cos, tan, tan-1, log2, log10, ln, e, rand, deg, π, ײ, √×, ׳, ³√×, x!, 1/×, |×|, %, 2^×
- Memory: It stores your calculation results, so that you can use them in another calculation.
- History: It stores your last calculations; both the result and the calculation process. And it can be easily cleared.
- Simple to use main features with scrolling keyboard
- Calculates as you type a number
- Displays concurrently, both the result and calculation process
- You can copy your last result with 3D Touch
- It works with our “Konvert” app, you can use results within these apps
- iPhone 5, 8, 8plus, XS, XSMAX, XR support

What's New

- Improvements and bug fixes