Safari Browser for Apple Tv

Safari Browser for Apple Tv

Unofficial Safari for Apple TV


What's New

• The user interface has been completely redesigned to mirror Apple's own Safari browser for iOS/iPadOS.

• The cursor has been changed to reflect the new cursor in iOS/iPadOS 13.

• The name of the application has been changed to "Safari".

• The version number has been changed to 2.0.

• The application's icon has been re-designed to resemble Apple's Safari.

• The user interface now supports tvOS' Dark Mode.

• Unused code has been perged as to clean the project up.

• All menus and terminology have been dramatically simplified.

• Limited multitasking - Whenever Apple TV switches to another application, Safari will not reset for a few minutes (tvOS limitation).

• Buttons now use Apple's SF Symbols which also now scale to 4K resolution.