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YouTube Download

YouTube Download

** Tweaked version  **

- Cracked & Uploaded to by OiP -
- Credits to TuTu APP Dev -


- New interface, manage videos easily.
- Allow to search videos, channels and play-lists from YouTube
- Copy directly, download other users’ play-lists
- Add iTunes TOP charts (countries & regions)
- Add YouTube popular chart subscription
- Improve video - play interface - Add fast forward & retreat
- Add random play & repeat
- play Update - download interface
- Add sign of VIP download succeeded
- Add sign of download failed

What's New

Updated to Version 3.3

1.Fixed issue where Google login sometimes needs to log in twice to succeed
2.The video details page has been expanded to expand the profile, click on the tags and categories to jump to the relevant video list
3.Fixd PalPay payment.
4.Fixd some Bugs