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Meridian - iOS 10.x Jailbreak for 64-Bit

Meridian - iOS 10.x Jailbreak for 64-Bit

A Jailbreak for iOS 10.x, supporting all 64-bit devices.


**CYDIA included on v0.9**


Supported Devices
Meridian supports ALL 64-bit devices, running any iOS version between 10.0 and 10.3.3.


What's New

  • Switched to ldrestart instead of respring after jailbreaking - this will fix tweaks such as NO PLS RECOVERY (although expect longer respring times after initially jailbreaking).
  • Improved the pspawn proc blacklist.
  • Fixed the respring button not working for some users (oops).
  • Fixed jailbreakd failing to launch on older 10.x kernels (10.0->10.1.x ish)
  • Code tidy and improvements
  • Fixed random freezes (still some minor issues to go, but should be much more stable now).