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Sn0wF4ll Jailbreak

Sn0wF4ll Jailbreak


If you are having trouble with Electra1131 but still want to run tweaks: consider using Sn0wF4ll Toolkit

This can also help you to correct partial electra cydia installs and missing binary issues as it can pop a root shell for you.

Sn0wF4ll2.0: Electra Toolkit but for ios 11.3.1

manually install tweaks to: /var/containers/Bundle/tweaksupport/Library Just like in the electra betas!

Patch deb files like with jakeajames rootlessjb

Link to tweak files for those that don't know how to patch them using the Patcher:!1yIBBYaL!PqWngJOIWva2zQxPjem8ZciNXM_1HXmean7uSeiLO68

Should have increased success rate like with original Sn0wF4ll jailbreak ENJOY :)

iOS 11.0-11.3.1 jailbreak. Gets root, escapes sandbox, patches codesign (userland only), bind shell, nvram unlock (from Electra), host_get_special_port 4 (from Electra), code injection (from Electra; injects its amfid patch after using QiLin's since it's way better), SSH (dropbear)

I think at this point this can be called a jailbreak, a developer-only one but with a small little feature: everything is done inside the app's bundle (except /var/dropbear & /var/profile) and nothing outside is touched. This makes it safe to use, without the requirement of full root read and write (although it is enabled on 11.0-11.2.6) and at the same time makes it not conflict with other jailbreaks in any way.

Includes TWO root shells :)

First is via dropbear (SSH) and the other via netcat if dropbear for some reason doesn't work or you prefer it?. Dropbear not supported yet because empty_list seems to also have file descriptor leaks. Unless those are fixed dropbear will NOT work

You can drop any binaries in the iosbinpack64 directory. All binaries must have at least these two entitlements:

<!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "">
<plist version="1.0">

LaunchDaemons are also supported, you can drop their plists in the iosbinpack64/LaunchDaemons directory and they'll get loaded on each run of the app. Type REPLACE_ME when you want to put the absolute path of iosbinpack64, like in the example provided.

Future plans include: getting rid of QiLin and implementing everything i need open-source, (already made progress!), fix remounting for 11.3.x (I guess I have no other choice rather than wait for QiLin/LiberiOS/Electra)

Credits: Uses jakeashacks empty_list fork and makes use of files from LycaJB and other jailbreaks not publicly released Thanks to Ian Beer for empty_list and mach_portal, Jonathan Levin for amfid patch, Jonathan Seals for find_kernel_base, Electra Team (especially stek29) and PsychoTea (@iBSparkes), 1GamerDev for reliability improvements