FilzaEscaped 11.3.1 (Multi_Path)

FilzaEscaped 11.3.1 (Multi_Path)

FilzaEscaped is an enhanced version of Filza file explorer and works without jailbreak. It is developed by developer Dry05, who is a newcomer on the jailbreak scene.

What's New

So yeah folks, back at it again. FilzaEscaped updated to support 11.3.1 and lower. Bit late I know... my dad passed away recently. I decided to still not put any ads into it. But would really appreciate some donations to PayPal: I recently had to sell my 7 already, help me out so I can keep on developing😃

‪When the exploit succeeds the first time, FilzaEscaped will reboot your iPhone cuz of the rootfs patch. After that each time ran it will work perfectly! Everyone who hosts the ipa inform me and describe this with it!‬


- Dry05