The Walking Dead: Our World++

The Walking Dead: Our World++

** IMPORTANT! IF YOU'RE JAILBROKEN: DO NOT INSTALL THIS FROM HERE! You need the AppStore version of The Walking Dead: Our World and the tweak from this repo: **

You MUST be a donor to enable ALL features for this app. (Joystick, Teleporting, GPX Routing, Auto Generate GPX Routes, Extra Coordinate Lists, Hide Gym Mode Button)
** Becoming a donor will get you all these features in all of the Global++ tweaked apps!! **


-- Tweaked version • The Walking Dead: Our World++ by Global++ Team --

Menu buttons:
• Global++ button: Toggle menu.
• Cog button: Toggle Settings.
• Map: Show/Hide Map of surrounding area.
• Patrol: Emulates walking in a circle.
• GPX: Uses a custom GPX path to walk around in a custom loop.
• 1x, 2x, 4x, 8x, and custom travel speed.
• Crosshairs: Tap to enter coordinates to teleport to another area.
• Timer: Sets a timer so that you know when you can next snipe again.
• H: Hides menu.

• Show joystick: show or hide the joystick as means to move around. This can be toggled off if you prefer the tap to walk or the map.
• Joystick Y Delta +/- : Changes the location of the joystick on the Y-axis.
• Dismiss Map on "Walk Here": Dismisses Map when you tap "Walk Here" to walk to a location.
• Enable Teleport: Allows you to use the map to teleport instead of using Walk Here.
• Dismiss Map on "Teleport Here": Dismisses Map when you tap "Teleport Here to teleport to a location".
• Custom Speed: Changes the speed that you walk at while using the Custom Speed setting.
• Fake location: If enabled, the app will allow you to move around using the joystick, the map or tap to walk. Turn this off to let your avatar follow your real location instead of the fake location.
• Time to save location: Saves your location a set amount of time after closing the app. 
• Show Coords Button on Map: Shows coordinates of your pin on the map, this can be to copy the coordinates of where you are located.

What's New


-Updated to Official 6.1.0