ISH Shell

ISH Shell

Wait, what's iSH?

iSH is a project to get a Linux shell environment running locally on your iOS device, using a usermode x86 emulator.

iSH gives you the ability to run Linux applications and programs on iOS.
You have access to the Alpine package manager in iSH.
You can install programs with apk add <name>.

What's New

HOTFIX because fixing Go broke running commands in the background with "&". Previous release notes pasted below.

New stuff:

Pressing the spacebar or using force touch on the keyboard and then dragging simulates arrow key presses
Go programs get off the ground
git-annex mostly works
You can mount directories from the Files app in iSH, using mount -t ios foo destination
More on that last thing: The command is mount -t ios source destination. The source is ignored, the destination is where to mount the directory. This will pop up a directory picker, and mount the directory you selected. Not all file providers support selecting directories. iCloud Drive, local files ("On My iPad"), and Working Copy are known to work.

Fixed bugs:

writev not being atomic, which caused a race condition on mtr startup
Selection being impossible on iOS 13.4 (the keyboard goes away now which sucks, but at least is not impossible)
ssh with control master hanging randomly
Status bar not appearing on devices with rounded corners