TikTok Unicorn

TikTok Unicorn

TikTok Unicorn is an alternative to TikTok++. This tweak brings new features to the TikTok app such as:

For You:

-Download Videos
-Following Page enhancements
-Hide all buttons and text views for all videos
-Comment more than 90 characters for all videos
-Present the download button in For You page
-Perform all share actions


-Download User's Profile Image
-Show date created for all videos
-View Private or Under Review video comments
-Spoof Following, Fan and Hearts stats
-Display the region for all Users
-Display User's region, age and video upload count
-Sort user's videos by Likes in descending order
-Sort user's Liked videos in descending order


-Upload videos up to 30min. length
-Join live streams 24/7
-Removed TikTok Ads

What's New

updated to 16.0.0