Electra (iOS 11-11.4.1)

Electra (iOS 11-11.4.1)

Jailbreak for iOS 11 to iOS 11.4.1

***Note for A7 & A8 (iPhone 5s/6/6plus) devices***

On the first launch of Electra, it will download the kernelcache from an ipsw on Apple's servers.Make sure to be connected to a reliable internet connection on this first download.


Tap on jailbreak and the device will reboot twice and Electra will need to be re-run after the first reboot
An APFS snapshot is created of / so you may revert it at a later date if needed
It is recommended to futurerestore if you have blobs before running Electra to ensure the best possible installation
Cydia is included
OpenSSH is running on port 22
Electra repo added by default
Substitute, Tweak Loader and Substrate Compatibility Layer available from Electra repo

What's New

update to 1.3.3