rootlessJB iOS 12-SSH

rootlessJB iOS 12-SSH

IMPORTANT: in order for rootlessJB to work correctly you need to enable "Alongside Installation" from Device Configuration and click "ok" when asked to install alongside and use the random ID automatically generated by appdb.



  • I've removed Dropbear... Sorry, I prefer OpenSSH.

  • OpenSSH v7.9p1 is the version that has been compiled with customizations to support a rootless JB.

  1. Primarily paths have been conditionally prepended with /var where necessary

  2. Some defaults for binaries were moved to /var/usr/bin instead of places like /usr/libexec and /usr/local/bin and /usr/bin

  • sftp/scp/ssh/sshd/ssh-keygen etc et al work as they should.

  • The default sshd_config is located at /var/etc/ssh/sshd_config and has been pre-baked with NO password authentication to protect those rootless folks unable to change the default user/root password from 'alpine'.

  1. Instead of password auth, pubkey auth is used.

  2. The private key is located at rootlessJB/bootstrap/bins/id_rsa_rjb3 next to the public key.

  3. If your device already has a /var/root/.ssh/authorized_keys file, it will not be overwritten.

  4. If your device already has a /var/mobile/.ssh/authorized_keys file, it will not be overwritten.

  5. Otherwise rootlessJB/bootstrap/bins/ will be added to a new <user>/.ssh/authorized_keys file for you.

  6. Make sure that you ssh -i LOCATION_OF/rootlessJB/bootstrap/bins/id_rsa_rjb3 root@YOUR_DEVICE_IP or simply add it to your ~/.ssh and modifiy your ~/.ssh/config accordingly.


  • The UI logging has also been fixed/upgraded/copied shamelessly from unc0ver/Undecimus. Thank you @sbingner and @Pwn20wnd and unc0ver team


What's New

Added Support:

  • All A9-A11 devices
  • All A7-A8 devices


updated on 20/02/2019 @9:30 UTC