SHSH Wallet

SHSH Wallet

SHSH Wallet is an application that unifies most iOS signing-related needs for regular end-users. It is available for both jailbreak and non-jailbroken iOS devices since it comes in IPA form.

What's New

SHSH Wallet Version 1.1 comes with:

  • The About Tab has been changed to a More Tab with a separate credits screen and settings screen
  • SHSH.Host can now be used to save blobs so you can save beta blobs easily
  • You can set the blob saver of your choice by going to More->Settings
  • When viewing signing status, you now have to select the type of device (i.e iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Apple TV)
  • The ability to filter out devices so you can get rid of old devices you don’t care about
  • A search bar when you’re viewing signing status so you can easily find the device of your choice
  • Please note that as of version 1.0.1a, the bundle identifier changed to “com.aurorac.shshwallet” so you may have to reimport your devices. Loading may take a while as it's now synchronous to make it more stable