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Reddit Tweaked by Adding the "TFDidThatSay" tweak made by Lint and opensourced here.

Added the tweak "Reddit No Ads" by u/kemmis available at his repo

This tweaked version allows the user to view deleted posts retrieved by and removes Ads.


NOTE!!: Reddit++ isn't affiliated with the developer of "TFDidThatSay" so don't ask him for support regarding Reddit++.

What's New

Cracked IPA Supplied by "martinjt"

Reddit++ 2020.4.0-4:

  • Added "Reddit No Ads" Tweak.


Reddit++ 2020.4.0-3:

  • Tweak icon now visible in menu.


Reddit++ 2020.4.0-2:

  • Now works for all comments not just deleted ones.


Reddit++ 2020.4.0-1:

  • Initial Release.


File Size: ~19MB
Install Size: ~23MB