Reddit Tweaked by Adding the "TFDidThatSay" tweak made by Lint and opensourced here.

Added the tweak "Reddit No Ads" by u/kemmis available at his repo

Added "NoRedditFireEffect" by Ben Giannis.

Added "NoScrollbarGrabDelay" by Tanner Bennett

This tweaked version allows the user to view deleted posts retrieved by, removes Ads, removes the Fire Effects on comments and grab the scroll bar.


-Reddit++ isn't affiliated with the developer of "TFDidThatSay" so don't ask him for support regarding Reddit++.

- Reddit++ isn't affiliated with any of the Tweak Developers whose Tweaks are used. Don't ask them for support regarding Reddit++.


What's New

Reddit++ 2020.17.0-0.6:

  • Updated to latest Reddit.
  • Added NoScrollbarGrabDelay by Tanner Bennett.


Reddit++ 2020.17.0-0.5:

  • Updated to latest Reddit.
  • Added NoRedditFireEffect by Ben Giannis.


Reddit++ 2020.9.1-0.4:

  • Updated to latest Reddit.
  • Reverted to v0.4 and removed RedditAutoScroll.


Reddit++ 2020.9.0-0.5:

  • Experimental: Added RedditAutoScroll by pxcex.
  • usage: the auto scroll will react to your flick speed. to stop the auto scroll touch the scroll.
  • Leave Your comments and wether you liked the new addition.


Reddit++ 2020.4.0-4:

  • Added "Reddit No Ads" Tweak.


Reddit++ 2020.4.0-3:

  • Tweak icon now visible in menu.


Reddit++ 2020.4.0-2:

  • Now works for all comments not just deleted ones.


Reddit++ 2020.4.0-1:

  • Initial Release.


File Size: ~51MB
Install Size: ~89MB