Video Squishy

Video Squishy

Video Squishy is a video compression utility. It re-encodes videos recorded by your device into smaller files by reducing their size and/or quality. Unlike other apps, it can queue up videos and compress them in batch.

By compressing your videos you can save precious memory on your device and/or significantly speed up upload times when sharing them online.

The way it works:

1. Select one or more videos from your library's camera roll (or other album) to add to the video queue.

2. Configure the compression settings (output size, video bitrate, audio quality, ...) or select an easy preset that matches your purpose.

3. Tap "Squish" and leave Video Squishy to re-encode the video queue. It will save the new compressed versions back to your camera roll.

4. Use whichever app you like to share the squished videos online and/or delete the originals to free up space.

Note 1: Video Squishy focuses on the task of compressing videos in batch. It does not let you upload or share them. You should use other apps for that.

Note 2: Video Squishy only works with videos natively supported by Apple devices (such as those recorded on the device itself). It will not handle files such as .avi, .mkv files or any with DRM protection (e.g. iTunes purchases).

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What's New

Updates in 2.9:

- Retina HD resolutions for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.
- Custom width and height for videos. (Useful for squishing square formats e.g. Vine, Instagram.)
- Custom video and audio bitrates.
- Landscape support for iPhones.
- Improved memory utilisation and (slightly) faster library scanning. *
- Other UI tweaks and fixes.

* We know it's currently a bit slow waiting for library scans. Work is in progress on a much faster scanning routine which will be available in a future update.

** Better workflows are also in the works that will make it easier to identify squished videos and remove originals.

Note: iOS 7.0 or above is required for this version and all future versions of Video Squishy.

Thanks everyone for your support and keep the feedback coming ( or @frostybadger). Also, please consider leaving us a review - it really helps.