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Video Crop & Zoom - HD

Video Crop & Zoom - HD

Video Crop & Zoom allows you to crop your videos in an easy and precise way.
Why would you do that?

* You want to remove a person or an object from a video. Crop your video to make this part invisible.
* You need to straighten a video in order to fix the horizon.
* You have recorded a video with a portrait orientation and you would like to change it to a landscape orientation.
* You want to add small effects to your video, like a zoom-in to someone's face, shortly followed by a zoom-out to a larger general view.
* You want to keep the best of your video only, cropping the main part of it, and removing the superfluous.
* You want to crop your video with a specific constrain (square, 4x3, 16x9 , ...) or some precise dimension (580p, 1080p, ...) before sending it to your TV or your favourite social service.

Videos can be imported from your device in different ways.
You can also connect your iDevice to iTunes in order to drag and drop other videos (iTunes file sharing feature).

An animated and original user interface allows you to crop (and zoom and rotate), if necessary, every frame of the video independently.
An interpolation will be done automatically between each of your modifications, in order to scale and move progressively the crop area.

Those cropped areas can be defined by using some simple gestures, but in case some high precision is needed, you can directly change the values (in pixels for the size and position, in degrees for the angle).
Some optional visual guides, like configurable grids, and contextual information, can be displayed to help you track your target.

You will find the original and intuitive user interface, common to all our videos applications.
These applications have been featured many times by Apple and various websites.

This application can run, on your iPhone and your iPad, as a standalone application, or as an Action Extension (from the compatible applications like the Photo app).
Portrait and Landscape orientations are supported in all screens.

What's New

Thank you for using Video Crop & Zoom!
Here are the changes since last time:

• Ability to navigate back by swiping the finger from the left side of the screen.

• In the video selection screen: you can preview the video, get information and access options (such as delete) by pressing and holding down a video thumbnail.

• When selecting a video, a cloud icon is now displayed under the thumbnail, if the video must be downloaded before opening it.

• When the video is opened from the Files application (or file selector), it is no longer temporarily duplicated internally.

• When selecting the image, it is now possible to target a specific time or image number (by clicking on the image number at the bottom right of the screen).

• Improved support for exotic videos (bitrate / framerate / clean aperture / pixel aspect ratio related improvements).

• Improved support for slo-mo videos on older devices such as the 1st generation ipad Pro or iphone 6.

• Fix to avoid a delay before the video selection screen is displayed when there are a lot of videos to display.

• Smaller fixes and improvements.