Screenshot Maker Pro

Screenshot Maker Pro

This app frames your photos or videos with such as iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. Your screenshots becomes beautiful much more.

There are some options. shadow, display reflection, ground reflection. and 3D background in part. It is outputted in the PNG format with an alpha channel so that it may be easy to process it by PhotoShop, iMovie etc.

iPhone 11 [White, Black, Green, Yellow, Purple, Red]
iPhone 11 Landscape
iPhone 11 3/4 Left
iPhone 11 3/4 Right
iPhone 11 3D

iPhone 11 Pro [Space Gray, Silver, Midnight Green, Gold]
iPhone 11 Pro Landscape
iPhone 11 Pro 3/4 Left
iPhone 11 Pro 3/4 Right
iPhone 11 Pro 3D
iPhone 11 Pro CG
iPhone 11 Pro Motion

iPhone 11 Pro Max [Space Gray, Silver, Midnight Green, Gold]
iPhone 11 Pro Max Landscape
iPhone 11 Pro Max 3/4 Left
iPhone 11 Pro Max 3/4 Right
iPhone 11 Pro Max 3D
iPhone 11 Pro Max CG
iPhone 11 Pro Max Motion

iPhoneSE 2 [White, Black, Red]
iPhoneSE 2 Landscape
iPhoneSE 2 3/4 Left
iPhoneSE 2 3/4 Right
iPhoneSE 2 3D

iPhoneXS [Silver, Gold, Space Gray]
iPhoneXS Landscape
iPhoneXS 3/4 Left
iPhoneXS 3/4 Right
iPhoneXS 3D

iPhoneXS Max [Silver, Gold, Space Gray]
iPhoneXS Max Landscape

iPhoneXR [White, Black, Red, Coral, Blue, Yellow]
iPhoneXR Landscape
iPhoneXR 3/4 Left
iPhoneXR 3/4 Right
iPhoneXR 3D

iPhoneX [Silver, Space Gray]
iPhoneX Landscape
iPhoneX 3/4 Left
iPhoneX 3/4 Right
iPhoneX 3D

iPhone8 [Silver, Gold, Space Gray, Red]
iPhone8 Landscape
iPhone8 3/4 Left
iPhone8 3/4 Right
iPhone8 3D
iPhone8 Plus
iPhone8 Plus Landscape

iPhone SE [Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, Space Gray]
iPhone SE Landscape
iPhone SE 3/4

iPhone7 [Black, Jet Black, Silver, Gold, Rose Gold]
iPhone7 Landscape
iPhone7 3/4 Left
iPhone7 3/4 Right
iPhone7 3D

iPhone7 Plus [Black, Jet Black, Silver, Gold, Rose Gold]
iPhone7 Plus Landscape

iPhone6s [Rose Gold]
iPhone6s Landscape
iPhone6s 3/4 Left
iPhone6s 3/4 Right
iPhone6s 3D [Space Gray, Gold, Silver, Rose Gold]

iPhone6 [Space Gray, Gold, Silver]
iPhone6 Landscape
iPhone6 3/4 Left
iPhone6 3/4 Right

iPhone6 Plus [Space Gray, Gold, Silver]
iPhone6 Plus Landscape

iPhone5S [Space Gray, White, Gold]
iPhone5S 3/4

iPhone5C [Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, White]
iPhone5C 3D

iPhone5 [Black, White]
iPhone5 Landscape
iPhone5 3D
iPhone5 3/4
iPhone5 Flat
iPhone5 Gravity

iPhone4S [Black, White]
iPhone4S Landscape
iPhone4S Gravity

iPhone4 [Black, White]
iPhone4 Landscape

iPhone3G/3GS [Black]
iPhone3G/3GS Landscape

iPhone2G [Black]
iPhone2G Landscape

iPad7 (2019 10.2inch) [Silver, Gold, Space Gray]
iPad7 (2019 10.2inch) Landscape
iPad7 (2019 10.2inch) 3/4

iPad Air 3 [Silver, Gold, Space Gray]
iPad Air 3 Landscape
iPad Air 3 3/4

iPad mini 5 [Silver, Gold, Space Gray]
iPad mini 5 Landscape
iPad mini 5 3/4

iPad Pro 2018 11inch [Silver, Gold, Space Gray]
iPad Pro 2018 11inch Landscape
iPad Pro 2018 11inch 3/4

iPad Pro 2018 12.9inch [Silver, Gold, Space Gray]
iPad Pro 2018 12.9inch Landscape
iPad Pro 2018 12.9inch 3/4

iPad Pro 10.5inch [Space Gray, Silver, Gold, Rose Gold]
iPad Pro 10.5inch Landscape

iPad mini [Normal, White]
iPad mini Landscape

iPad Landscape
iPad 3/4 Right
iPad 3/4 Left

iPod touch 7 [Silver, Gold, Pink, Blue, Red, Space Gray]
iPod touch 7 Landscape
iPod touch 7 3/4 Right

Apple Watch Series 4 Sport [Silver, Gold, Space Gray]
Apple Watch Series 4 Stainless [Silver, Gold, Space Gray]

Apple Watch Series 1 [Ring, Milanese, Classic]
Apple Watch Series 1 Edition [Red, Rose, Classic, Sport]
Apple Watch Series 1 Sport 3D [White, Blue, Green, Pink, Black]

MacBook Pro
MacBook Pro 90 Left
MacBook Pro 90 Right
MacBook Pro 3/4 Left
MacBook Pro 3/4 Right

MacBook Air 2018 [Space Gray, Silver, Gold]

iMac Pro
iMac Right
iMac Left

What's New

Hi, Thank you for using SMPRO!!!

--Ver 3.5
*Added iPhone SE 2.

*You can now set a video as a background.
- This allows you to compose multiple motion mocks.

*The direction of rotation and start position can be changed by motion mocks.

*You can set the rotation speed to match the length of the video in motion.
- This makes the motion mockup loop natural when you set a video.

*It is now possible to output motion as an image.
- One frame is cropped as a still image.

*You can now specify Motion JPEG as the video saving type (in Advanced Settings).
- It helps to reduce the degradation that occurs when videos are combined multiple times.

*The motion data has been changed to a download resource.
- This will reduce the the app size, which is bloated due to motion mockups.

*The unit of the image size has been changed to pixels.
- This makes it easier to figure out the size of the output.