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SmartDownloader Pro - Free Music, Video, File

SmartDownloader Pro - Free Music, Video, File

Forget the existing download app!!
You can experience a new ‘Smart Downloader’ right now you haven’t thought until now.

‘Smart Downloader’ is a very fast manager of download and file for iPhone and iPad with the complete and new functions.

Why you we have to download the file only through the download app?
Why can’t you download through Safari or other apps?

Now it changes.
‘Smart Downloader’ provides several apps with the download function.
You just copy the link or the image. At that moment, ‘Smart Downloader’ starts downloading.

Of course, it powerfully provides the function in general download apps.
It perfectly supports many kinds of files including video, music, document, and image and UI is also tremendously beautiful.
It can meet your all desires at a time.

What you should do now is just to install ‘Smart Downloader’.

This app focuses on the following functions.

1. Push download
-- Providing download function in all apps(such as Safari) (if you copy the link or image, start downloading)
-- Informing start/end by the push notification
-- Superhigh speed download

2. Convenient file management
-- Easy file list management (the change, deletion of the file name)
-- Providing various viewers (Image, Video, MP3, PDF, Word, Excel, PPT, etc)
-- File management on iTunes
-- Saving the file in the camera roll
-- Sending the file to other apps

3. Web browser
-- Mounting a powerful web browser
-- Internet file search
-- Bookmark manager
-- Supporting multi-download
-- Completely supporting multitasking
-- Custom User-Agent

4. Support
-- Supporting animated gif
-- Supporting file folder (with secret folder)
-- Supporting music player
-- Playing the background music
-- Supporting Landscape / Portrait mode
-- Supporting iOS7
-- More intimate and easier usage

Our goal is the advanced technology, eminent service, professionalism, and great user experience. Download the ‘Smart Downloader’ right now to enjoy the best function.
You can download anything in every app easily and quickly.

What's New

1. Bug Fixes
2. Add powerful features(hidden) & Easter egg